Turkey gains importance for European companies experiencing high logistics costs and supply chain disruptions in China…

Recently, Ikea announced plans to shift its production to Turkey. https://www.reuters.com/business/retail-consumer/ikea-shift-more-production-turkey-shorten-supply-chain-2021-10-06/ Strong local partners offer faster integration and know-how transfer of best practices for running profitable and sustainable local operations in Turkey and meet international standards. If you are seeking strong local companies as potential partners, please contact us.

Private Equity firms focus on the Automotive supplier deals at higher valuations – PwC study 2021

Private equity firms are increasingly willing to pay higher prices if it means getting a crack at participating in the industry’s historic shift to electric vehicles and autonomous driving. Various Private Equity firms see the Electric Vehicle transformation as an investment opportunity in the automotive supply industry. As a result, they pursue automotive deals at […]

Self-driving truck tech firm Embark to go public via $5.2 bln SPAC deal

Self-driving truck startup firms are critical for the future success of autonomous driving. Embark is one of the earliest tech firms in the self-driving truck space. Now, they will go public through a USD 5.2 bln SPAC deal. https://www.reuters.com/technology/self-driving-truck-maker-embark-go-public-via-46-bln-spac-deal-2021-06-23/

Real-Life Lessons… How to prepare your business for sale and make it happen!

Early in my career, I worked for a very wise entrepreneur. I helped him expand his manufacturing company overseas. I was also involved in the process when he sold his business to a large industrial group. This was many years ago. I learned a lot from him. A piece of advice he gave me was […]

Insurtech benefits from the pandemic

Insurtech attracts investments from leading VCs. Startups in the insurtech space start to shape the future of the industry and challenge the incumbents. There are many examples in auto insurance, health insurance, property insurance, etc. “The insurance industry has been historically slow to adopt new technologies, but the pandemic has accelerated digital initiatives as many insurers had […]

Trucks Move Past Cars on the Road to Autonomy

Investments in autonomous truck startups increase at a fast pace. Various startups in the autonomous truck technology space attract new investors. Although most of the focus is on developing autonomous trucks for highway and long haul driving, eventually, we will see more autonomous trucks in the short-haul or even in the last mile delivery. Currently, […]

Turkey’s Trendyol Valuation Set to Hit $16.5 Billion

Trendyol, a leading e-commerce company in Turkey is set to be valued at USD16.5bn. The funding round would make Trendyol’s Turkey’s only “decacorn” with a valuation of more than $10 billion. “The e-commerce company has benefited from a surge in online buying in Turkey, which jumped 66% last year, according to the trade ministry. Trendyol’s […]

Why Startup Acquisitions Are On Fire – Crunchbase News article by Sophia Kunthara

The public markets usually get all the attention when it comes to exits, but acquisitions of venture-backed companies have been rapid-fire this year, with 2021 set to outpace the previous three years. So far this year, there have been 1,070 acquisitions of venture-backed companies with a reported total of $91.9 billion, according to Crunchbase data. […]

Automotive M&A First Half of 2021 Outlook – Analysis by PwC

SPACs fueling automotive and new-energy vehicle M&A in 2021 During the first half of 2021, the automotive market continued on its 2020 path of new-energy vehicle (NEV) M&A primarily fueled by special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) transactions. Of the top 10 global M&A deals announced, eight were in the US, comprising four SPAC deals ranging […]